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Made Fresh Daily
Our Donuts are made fresh daily from scratch.  At the end of the day, if any are left unsold, they are either donated to charities or discarded. 

All of the Flavour Less of the Fat
Traditional Donuts absorb over 20g of oil while frying. Through our unique blend of natural flours and our "floating" frying technique, our yeast raised donuts absorb less than 1g of oil. Come taste the difference! 

Yeast Raised Donuts:

Glaze:  Icing Sugar
Filling:  Apple and Spices

Glaze:  Caramel
Filling:  Caramel

Glaze:  Chocolate
Filling:  Chocolate
White Chocolate

Glaze:  White Chocolate
Filling:  White Chocolate
Boston Cream

Glaze:  Chocolate
Filling:  Vanilla Cream
Rasbery Jam

Glaze:  Caster Sugar
Filling:  Raspberry Jam

Glaze:  Lemon Icing
Filling:  Lemon

Glaze:  Icing Sugar
Filling:  Custard

Glaze:  Hazelnut Chocolate
Filling:  Hazelnut Chocolate
Cinnamon Ring

Glaze:  Sugar & Cinnamon
Sugar Glazed

Glaze: Sugar Glaze
Chocolate Ring

Glaze: Chocolate
Ring with Sprinkles

Glaze: Sugar Glaze & Sprinkles
  Donut Holes (Minis)

Glaze: Sugar Glaze

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